Schmuck Wander

Idea of the Schmuck Wander project was to invite group of jewellery makers from different countries, to be a part of one creation. We started with fifteen pieces made by Slovak jewellers who thereafter posted it to some friend from abroad. The next link in the chain is another creator, so the ultimate jewel is created by two, three or four jewel makers. Finally Schmuck Wander project joined 47 authors from 11 different countries. The project was running unexpectedly. We missed few pieces bumming somewhere around the world before the termination, but we already have thirteen pieces back home. In these days just two pieces are lost but still wanted.

Schmuck Wander. Made by Many. A project by Bety Majernikova and Maria Nepsinska
Opening : 17.3.2011  17 Uhr:
18.03. – 20.03.; Fr 10 – 18; Sa und So 10 – 14 Uhr

List of participants

Karol Weisslechner (Slovakia)
Sona Némethová Kabaňová (Slovakia/ Czech Republic)
Petr Vogel (Czech Republic)

Lucia Bartková (Slovakia)
Inga Pelzel (Germany)

Sylvia Jokelová (Slovakia)
Susanne Matsche (Austria/Germany)
Birgit Wiesinger (Austria)
Viktoria Münzker (Austria)

Mária Nepšinská (Slovakia)
Ursula Guttmann (Austria)

Ruudt Peters (Netherlands)
René Hora (Czech Republic)
Kata Kissoczy (Slovakia/ Czech Republic)

Kristýna Španihelová (Slovakia/ Czech Republic)

Pavol Prekop (Slovakia)
Deganit Stern Schocken (Israel)
Michal Oren(Israel)

Anton Cepka (Slovakia)
Vratislav Karel Novák (Czech Republic)
Lída Šikolová (Czech Republic)

Hany H. Kašičková (Slovakia)
Petr Hůza (Czech Republic)
Shino (Japan)

Ján Sajkala (Slovakia)
Gisbert Stach (Germany)
Nedda la Belge (Belgium) + Chris Le Suisse (Switzerland)

Alena Timkovičová (Slovakia)
Stefanie Klemp (Germany)
Danny Swaag (Germany)

Radka Kovačíková (Czech Republic)
Serena Holm (Sweden)
Gertrud Heinerud (Sweden)
Özay Emert (Sweden)

Blanka Cepková (Slovakia)
Rita Oliveira (Portugal)
Alexandra Lisboa (Portugal)

Bety K. Majerníková (Slovakia)
Monika Strasser (Switzerland)
Sofia Björkman (Sweden)
Jan Michalisko (Czech Republic) + Monika Hanečková (Slovakia)

Matej Bezúch (Slovakia)
Jana Machatová (Slovakia)
Lucia Gašparovičová (Slovakia)