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Living room

Die Slowakische Schmuckmannschaft

It is a concept of Big Brother phenomenon transformed into the live process of creation. Mini Artist-Residency will be comprised of 8 professional young artists from Slovakia. They will create a collective art stage as their adaptation to Munich Schmuck context. Constantly transforming installation will be running for 10 days. You can watch the whole transformation as a live stream internet presentation. For the last three days of the transformation, an exhibition is going to be opened to an audience in the Studio with alive artists, at Welserstr. 11, 81373 in Munich.

Vernissage: 14.03. 2012 at 18pm

The exhibition is open from 15.03. to 17.03. 2012 / NON-STOP
Internet live stream from 11.03. 2012 at 13pm on our website
Mária Nepšinská
Jan Guga
Hanka Polívková
Slávka Ondrušová
Pavol Prekop
Kristýna Španihelová
Andrea Ďurianová
Rudolf Rusňák
Tatiana Warenichová