Fault Line : Inyanim Group

Fault Line is a geological term. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a Fault is a planar or gently curved fracture in the rocks of the Earth’s crust, where compressional or tensional forces cause relative displacement of the rocks on the opposite sides of the fracture.
A Fault Line is also a potentially disruptive division; a boundary between incompatible or
irreconcilable beliefs, cultures, or ideologic ideas.
This is where we are. And it is our point of departure.
Our work begins with a line: a thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen or a pencil, a line made by the saw blade, a line of thought.

Gregory_Larin_Fault_Line_000053Gregory Larin

Inyanim Group of Contemporary Jewelry are:
Aviv Kinnel
Dana Seachuga
Deganit Stern-Schocken
Edda Vardimon-Gudnason
Gregory Larin
Kobi Roth
Michal Oren
Rory Hooper
Shirly Bar-Amotz                                                                      



Michal Oren   and Kobi Roth